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Evaluations for Spring 2020 Season

EVALUATION DATEs (subject to change.  UPDATED 12/4)

* new this year - in order to help families avoid common weekend conflicts in the month of December (basketball/state cup soccer games/family travel/etc.), we have added mid-week evaluation options.  
Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019
  • boys u14: 4:00-5:15p seminary field (CLXD due to field conditions) 
Wednesday, Dec 4, 2019
  • boys u12: 3:30-5:15p  Seminary Field  (CLXD due to field conditions) 
  • girls u12: 3:30-5:15p seminary field  (CLXD due to field conditions) 
SUNDAY - DEC. 8, 2019 
  • Girls u12: 9:00-11:00   redwood hs (GHILOTTI)
  • girls u14: 11:00-1:00p redwood hs (GHILOTTI)
  • BOYS U14: 1:00 - 3:00p   TAM HS
Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019
  • boys u12: 4:00-5:15p seminary field (CLXD due to field conditions) updated 12/9 at 9:30a
Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019
  • boys u14: 3:30-5:15p seminary field
  • girls u14: 3:30-5:15p seminary field
SUNDAY - DEC. 15, 2019 
  • Boys U10: 9:00-10:30   tam hs 
  • BOys u12: 10:30-12:30 TAm hs
  • boys u14: 12:30-2:30   tam hs
  • Girls u12: 9:00-11:00  redwood hs (GHILOTTI)
  • girls u14: 11:00-1:00  redwood hs (GHILOTTI)
Wednesday - DEC. 18, 2019 
  • Boys U10: 4:00-5:15p   Alto Field (Mill Valley) 



Things to prepare for evaluations OR be seen for additional evaluation opportunities outside evaluation days. 

1.) Fall Sessions:  Sessions are coached and run by SM Program Directors and Evaluators

SMLC provides fall and winter clinics throughout Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec.

2.) Wall Ball...Wall Ball...Wall Ball...:  Single best stick skill training method for any player. Just find a wall around town and go at it. Make sure to wear lacrosse gloves when practicing. Practice each hand as well. STX Bounce backs are a good tool as well. 

3.) Play other sports  Basketball/football/soccer/hockey/tennis/baseball/track/etc. all provide skill development essential for playing lacrosse.  SMLC would rather see multi-sports athletes for several reasons including the fact a broader skill set is enhanced and the "burn out" factor is lower.  This doesn’t mean put the stick down for 4-5 months, it simply means one should give their “in-season” sport priority and work on Lacrosse skill development when/if the opportunity fits into your child's schedule.


All players must attend at least 1 eval (except for U10).  Those players wishing to be evaluated for the A team, we recommend attending all evaluations.  

We realize some players may have Soccer conflicts (state cup).  We prefer that those players remain committed to their soccer team and attend their in-season game.  However, please make sure to touch base with the Boys or Girls director before hand if there are conflicts.

Evaluations take place in early to mid December:
  • Boys evals - U10A, U12A, and U14A (No U8)
  • Girls evals - U12A & U14A (no evals for U10 or U8)
The ultimate goal is to make sure each player is placed  on a team where he/she will be competing in an environment that best matches his/her skill set. 
Rosters are published in late December.
“A” teams require a full time commitment for practices and games over other spring sports. 

“B” Teams provide more flexibility to accommodate other sports or weekend conflicts. 

Evaluation committee consists of SM Head coaches, HS Coaches,  & SM Clinic Coaches.  Parent involvement is limited to SM Head coaches.

No cuts-all registered players will be placed on a team.