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For questions, please email the Boys Lacrosse Director Jon Porter at

WBLL Age Groups for Spring 2024 Season
U14A & B: Grades 7 & 8
U12A & B: Grades 5 & 6
U10A: Grades 3 & 4


Marin League Age Groups/Divisions for Spring 2024 Season (U10B & U8)

4th Grade - Stealth Division 
3rd Grade - Thunder Division
2nd grade - One Division
Key Questions & Answers 
1.) Will U10 games be small sided?  Yes (8v8) .  This article says it all.
2.) U10 B Teams play in the Marin League
3.) U14, U12, & U10A teams play in the WBLL League
Boys 1st Graders
Registration opens in January
Practice 1x p/week (Wednesdays).  1 Hr long
6-7 weeks long.  Begins in mid-to late March
Play 2 in-house league games
Great introduction to the game of lacrosse
Boys U8 (2nd grade)
Teams play in the Marin League
8 players p/team
Practice 1x p/week
All games are in Marin
Practices are 1 hour long
Games are on Saturdays (sometimes Sundays)
No evaluations.  We accommodate friend requests as best as we can
Games are 4v4 using 4x4 goals (2 middies/1 attack/1 defense/ no goalie)
Practices start in early March - Games begin the second weekend of March.
Season ends in mid-May
No games or practices during Mill Valley public school winter and spring breaks.
Boys U10
"A" Team play in the WBLL League
"B" Teams play in the Marin League
12-15 players p/team
Practice 2x p/week 
Practices are 1:15 hour long
Evaluations are only required for those who have an interest in trying out for U10A.  
Games are 8v8 using 4x4 goals (3 middies/2 attack/2 defense/goalie)
Practices start in early March. ("A" team begins in late Febuary)
"A" teams - Games begin the 2nd weekend of March and Play-off's wrap up by Memorial Day Weekend.
"B" teams - Games begin the 2nd weekend of March and Play-off's wrap up by Memorial Day Weekend
No games or practices during Mill Valley public school winter and spring breaks.
Boys U12/U14
A & B Teams play in the WBLL League
17-22 players p/team
Practices start mid-late February and games begin the 2nd weekend of March.  
Season Wraps up by Memorial Day Weekend
U12B and U14B teams practice 2x p/week. U12A/14A teams practice 3x p/week
Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays.  Teams typically play 2 games p/weekend during the season (there are a few weekends where only 1 game takes place)
No games or practices during Mill Valley public school winter and spring breaks.
Why are there no U8 evaluations?  
SMLC feels its too early for kids to experience any type of evaluation process at such a young age.  Teams are formed based on grade and will likely be limited to 2nd graders. 1st graders will once again play in SM's house league (1 practice p/week and 2 games against 2nd grader SM teams).
Every parent coach in the spring season is a volunteer.  Please give them a HUGE thank you when you see a Wolfpack Coach.

Every Wolfpack coach is required to participate in the "Positive Coaching Alliance Program (PCA).
SMLC boys and girls coaching staff consists parent and non-parent head coaches who have HS, College or Professional lacrosse backgrounds. We are extremely fortunate to have a very talented group of coaches/volunteers who not only pass their knowledge and passion of the sport along to the kids in our community, but they do so in a manner that promotes the basic principles of competition, respect, and love for the game.  

Team Placement:
Player Evaluations: Evaluations take place in January.  No Cuts - all registered players are placed on a team.  Player evaluations help us create balanced teams within age groups. 

Rosters are published in late December/early January.

Earning a spot on the “A” team requires a full time commitment for practices and games over other spring sports.  “B” Teams provide a little more flexibility to accommodate other sports or weekend conflicts (playing time is at coaches discretion if attendance becomes an issue).  If your son cannot make a full-time commitment to lacrosse in the spring, then the B team is the way to go.                

Coach Evaluations 
At the end of every season we ask our coaches to submit evaluations of their players based on many different factors including hard work, attendance, attitude and talent. 

Practice Schedule: 

SMLAX sets the practice schedule for each team in January, after players are placed on a team.  There are always a few requests to switch to a different team based on specific conflicts.  While we try to limit these requests, we do our best to accommodate them when possible.